We are starting an interdisciplinary open/community (BIO)FABLAB in ISCHIA, an island just in front
of Napoli, South of Italy.

The lab would promote open source LOW-COST innovation and research, sustainable development,
recycling/reuse as well as low-cost environmental monitoring of food, soil, air and water.

The lab is also meant to be a place of discussion and hands-on “education” on these topics, and plans
to be as open as possible to the needs and desires of the local communities, eg working with the
several local spas to innovate in the production of therapeutic mud and/or in the monitoring of radon:
low-cost innovation also in other production activities such as agriculture and craftsmanship are also

Everyone, without any discrimination on account of age, gender, education etc, may come to the lab on
open days/events to propose their own ideas, which they may see relatively quickly “turned into”
working prototypes.

Porto d’Ischia: the then ancient lake was transformed into a harbour Ferdinando II di Borbone in 1854

The island features numerous (ancient) spas, hills, a Mediterranean climate with many different beaches,
excellent food often out of local produce and an all year long international presence, also thanks to the
spas themselves.

We are currently in the process of compiling a business plan with local partners but also looking for other
partners/investors as well as also scouting suitable locations: Napoli’s main universities should be already
in and other similar labs -also from abroad and connected to their own local universities- are showing
real interest in becoming partners.

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